The DragonVale Breeding Database is a community driven database with breeding and colosseum data that is submitted by the community. It then takes this data and presents it to you in a meaningful manner. Basically, the site helps you breed dragons and win the colosseum.

Why this site was made

When I started really getting into DragonVale I was trying to find out how to get some of those rare dragons online. I started looking around on the web and there were lots of people saying this and that about how to get a specific dragon, but it wasn't standardized. It was hard to draw any real conclusions from random postings here and there. So I made a way for people to insert their results so that I could tabulate all of the data and give every DragonVale player the ability to see these computed results.

Who runs this site?

I and you. While I do maintain the actual web site, you guys submit all of the data (well most of it). Together we have created the most thorough DragonVale Breeding site in existence.

What now?

I suggest you check out the web site. Use it as a tool to get those dragons you want to get and to win those colosseum events. If you don't see something you need, contact me and I will do my best to help you.