Even though I code, design and manage this site myself there are invaluable people and technologies that help me make this site possible. If it weren't for a lot of you, this site wouldn't be here today. I just want to say thanks, and I greatly appreciate what you've done for this site and it's community. Without further ado, here are the thanks.

  • Thanks to my wife. She has put up with groggy mornings when I've stayed up too late working on this site. She also doesn't get too mad at me when a text message wakes us up at night because the server crashed :)
  • Thanks to everyone in the community who helps me keep this site accurate and up-to-date. It is awesome how many e-mails I get when a new dragon is out and I haven't added it to the website yet. Also, I can't even count how many people have sent me pictures of their eggs and who e-mail me to just say thanks (it means a lot to me). I try my best to personally reply to each e-mail I get form you guys, so keep them coming and I will keep writing back.
  • While I try to get as much information as possible from the game itself, I have always loved the DragonVale Wiki site at wikia for fact checking. Thanks!
  • In order to make this site fun to use, I use many different technologies. Thanks to you all for making awesome web libraries, frameworks, etc.