Aurora Dragon

on Jan. 12th, 2015
Market cost
3,250 Gem
54 hours
43 hours, 12 minutes
Level 11
Sells for
3,200,000 DragonCash
On a stargazing expedition to the far side of the world, the witch Zoria looked up to the sky one night and it dawned on her that something was very different. What originally appeared to be a wisp of cloud against the night sky very quickly drew into view as an aurora dragon! Though these dragons are a rare observance, they love to show off their luminescent colors to any wizard, witch, and visitor alike!

Breeding hints

Try breeding this dragon by combining 4 different elements

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
18.57% Snowflake Dragon Snowflake Dragon 70
25.64% Lichen Dragon Smoke Dragon 39
25.00% Crystal Dragon Swamp Dragon 12
23.08% Lava Dragon Rain Dragon 13
6.06% Pepper Dragon Quake Dragon 33
9.09% Mistletoe Dragon Snow Dragon 11
16.67% Willow Dragon Storm Dragon 6
16.67% Apocalypse Dragon Apocalypse Dragon 6
12.50% Nightshade Dragon Shimmer Dragon 8
12.50% Bicentennial Dragon Water Dragon 8
10.00% Bone Dragon Crypt Dragon 10
10.00% Current Dragon Flower Dragon 10
4.35% Luminous Dragon Howl Dragon 23
100.00% Magnetic Dragon Water Dragon 1
100.00% Poison Dragon Plasma Dragon 1

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Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
175 DragonCash
2120 DragonCash
3165 DragonCash
4210 DragonCash
5255 DragonCash
6300 DragonCash
7345 DragonCash
8390 DragonCash
9435 DragonCash
10480 DragonCash

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