Bearded Dragon

on Jun. 18th, 2015
Market cost
150 Gem
15 hours
12 hours
Level 17
Sells for
1,000,000 DragonCash
Named by the Wizard Pogona, bearded dragons are named for the spikes protruding from their jaws. They can often be found lazing about, basking in the sun. Due to their solitary nature, they've often been mischaracterized as grumpy, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Bearded dragons take great interest in training younger dragons making sure they stay in line.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
Mountain Dragon metalMountain Dragon and metal element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

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Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
19 DragonCash
214 DragonCash
320 DragonCash
425 DragonCash
531 DragonCash
636 DragonCash
742 DragonCash
847 DragonCash
953 DragonCash
1058 DragonCash
1163 DragonCash
1269 DragonCash
1374 DragonCash
1480 DragonCash
1586 DragonCash
1691 DragonCash
1797 DragonCash
18102 DragonCash
19107 DragonCash
20113 DragonCash

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