Carnival Dragon

on Feb. 17th, 2015
Market cost
340 Gem
12 hours
9 hours, 36 minutes
Sells for
The first known Carnival dragon emerged from hibernation near the end of a particularly long and bitter winter. Spied from the ivory tower of the great wizard Orion, its brilliant colors and high energy snapped him out of the gloom he's been lost in, contemplating the nature of Wizardkind. In that instant, he cast off his Master's robes, throwing his rings and charms and gold to the crowds who gathered to cheer him as he danced after the dragon out of town. When he returned, the people hardly recognized the cheerful, boisterous, and much rounder wizard as the same serious, gloomy Master Wizard they had known. It was said that the old Orion had gone forever, and the new Orion was full of life and joy--using his powerful magic now only for the creation of world class food and drink. New Orion's is the most popular place to celebrate to this very dat!

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
Pepper Dragon earthPepper Dragon and earth element

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