Double Rainbow Dragon

on Jun. 4th, 2013
Market cost
3,125 Gem
60 hours
48 hours
Level 11
Sells for
3,125,000 DragonCash
Dismissed as wild speculation, muddled magic or the mad ravings of the witch Zamora, the rarest of the rare dragons, the double rainbow dragon is a magical marvel. After glimpsing one as a child, Zamora devoted the rest of her life searching for this most elusive dragon. She has finally succeeded and worked a complex spell to allow them to be bred.

Breeding hints

Try breeding this dragon by combining 4 different elements

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
42.78% Double Rainbow Dragon Double Rainbow Dragon 381
21.85% Rainbow Dragon Double Rainbow Dragon 119
16.37% Crystal Dragon Obsidian Dragon 336
16.19% Sonic Dragon Storm Dragon 105
13.25% Blue Fire Dragon Quake Dragon 151
12.93% Ash Dragon Bouquet Dragon 147
12.86% Solstice Dragon Sun Dragon 210
11.38% Ash Dragon Coral Dragon 536
11.26% Scorch Dragon Swamp Dragon 151
10.72% Salamander Dragon Ash Dragon 1147
10.56% Blazing Dragon Crystal Dragon 142
9.86% Firefly Dragon Seaweed Dragon 771
9.32% Blazing Dragon Swamp Dragon 236
6.62% Ash Dragon Rust Dragon 136
6.10% Obsidian Dragon Sonic Dragon 328

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Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
175 DragonCash
2120 DragonCash
3167 DragonCash
4214 DragonCash
5261 DragonCash
6300 DragonCash
7353 DragonCash
8400 DragonCash
9462 DragonCash
10500 DragonCash

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