Miasma Dragon

on Jan. 15th, 2014
Market cost
850 Gem
10 hours, 30 minutes
8 hours, 24 minutes
Level 25
Sells for
2,400,000 DragonCash
The miasma dragon gets its... unique... scent from the ability to absorb undesirable aromas from around its environment. The rest of the park, as a result, has never smelled better! Despite the noxious fumes surrounding it, visitors still manage to enjoy the dragon, albeit from a comfortable distance.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
air darkAir element and dark element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
60.45% Air Dragon Dark Dragon 134
21.62% Mirage Dragon Hypnotic Dragon 592
20.36% Light Dragon Miasma Dragon 221
15.33% Abyss Dragon Howl Dragon 300
9.62% Dark Dragon Snow Dragon 52
36.36% Dark Rift Dragon Air Dragon 11
37.50% Air Dragon Cave Dragon 8
8.11% Luminous Dragon Howl Dragon 37
7.69% Light Rift Dragon Liberty Dragon 26
20.00% Light Rift Dragon Meteor Dragon 10
7.14% Dark Rift Dragon Butterfly Dragon 14
16.67% Dark Dragon Hypnotic Dragon 6
14.29% Howl Dragon Mirror Dragon 7
14.29% Sand Dragon Miasma Dragon 7
12.50% Shimmer Dragon Dark Dragon 8

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