Mirror Dragon

on Sep. 30th, 2014
Market cost
1,000 Gem
14 hours
11 hours, 12 minutes
Level 21
Sells for
1,250,000 DragonCash
It may take some careful reflection to figure out if the mirror dragon is coming or going, but that didn't stop the wizard Vujade from declaring them to be the fairest dragons of them all.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
light metalLight element and metal element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
24.32% Palladium Dragon Radiant Dragon 74
12.37% Light Dragon Metal Dragon 97
8.11% Glass Dragon Forge Dragon 74
33.33% Copper Dragon Mirror Dragon 6
11.90% Mirage Dragon Acid Dragon 42
28.57% Radiant Dragon Promethium Dragon 7
10.00% Double Rainbow Dragon Double Rainbow Dragon 20
7.14% Celtic Dragon Leap Year Dragon 14
6.25% Sorarian Dragon Andromedan Dragon 16
14.29% Dungeon Dragon Palladium Dragon 7
14.29% Howl Dragon Mirror Dragon 7
12.50% Aurora Dragon Aurora Dragon 8
10.00% Leaf Dragon Sprout Dragon 10
10.00% Light Dragon Chrome Dragon 10
4.64% Hypnotic Dragon Malachite Dragon 151

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