Moon Dragon

on Oct. 1st, 2011
Market cost
2,000 Gem
48 hours
38 hours, 24 minutes
Level 10
Sells for
2,000,000 DragonCash
The first mythical moon dragon was so enchanting that the first sun dragon created the world and stars for the two of them to share. But their magic was so strong that they had to separate themselves or risk destroying everything. Legend claims that they became the sun and moon and their descendants now live in our world.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
cold lightningCold element and lightning element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
82.35% Moon Dragon Moon Dragon 136
23.23% Storm Dragon Moss Dragon 637
19.02% Snow Dragon Scorch Dragon 510
17.27% Cold Dragon Storm Dragon 278
13.67% Lava Dragon Storm Dragon 300
10.90% Cold Dragon Lightning Dragon 2413
10.59% Scorch Dragon Storm Dragon 472
10.44% Quake Dragon Ice Dragon 182
9.68% Mud Dragon Storm Dragon 310
9.00% Sonic Dragon Storm Dragon 944
8.75% Blue Fire Dragon Crystal Dragon 3303
8.55% Sandstorm Dragon Bloom Dragon 117
8.16% Quake Dragon Frostfire Dragon 147
8.00% Sonic Dragon Snow Dragon 175
7.89% Blue Fire Dragon Storm Dragon 684

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Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
140 DragonCash
265 DragonCash
388 DragonCash
4113 DragonCash
5136 DragonCash
6162 DragonCash
7188 DragonCash
8214 DragonCash
9240 DragonCash
10261 DragonCash

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