Ooze Dragon

on Jan. 15th, 2014
Market cost
1,200 Gem
18 hours, 30 minutes
14 hours, 48 minutes
Level 25
Sells for
4,000,000 DragonCash
This dragon defies description. The ancient manuscript "The Done Witch" tells of several renowned scribes nearly going mad trying to find just the right words to describe this rare and ancient creature. Their vague and contradictory descriptions seemed unbelievable, until one of these dragons dragged itself from the marshes at the mouth of the Aichpey river to lay dreaming in the road before the Mouth Inn. Now we know why they had such a hard time.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
dark waterDark element and water element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
42.33% Dark Dragon Water Dragon 163
19.00% Howl Dragon Abyss Dragon 300
16.83% Abyss Dragon Light Dragon 101
5.07% Abyss Dragon Abyss Dragon 493
62.50% Ooze Dragon Ooze Dragon 32
23.38% Light Dragon Ooze Dragon 77
10.47% Ooze Dragon Gamma Dragon 86
5.56% Lotus Dragon Miasma Dragon 54
5.38% Shimmer Dragon Nightshade Dragon 93
34.78% Dark Dragon Rain Dragon 23
50.00% Dark Rift Dragon Water Dragon 10
26.67% Dark Dragon Lotus Dragon 15
33.33% Nightmare Dragon Nightmare Dragon 6
30.00% Ooze Dragon Meadow Dragon 10
28.57% Abyss Dragon Lightning Dragon 7

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