Orchid Dragon

on May. 13th, 2014
Market cost
1,250 Gem
20 hours
16 hours
Level 16
Sells for
1,500,000 DragonCash
Often found resting with their tails wound around trees, the orchid dragon is a beautiful sigh. The master plant wizard Aidan of Koo Hill cataloged over 200 varieties of these dragons in his exploration of the tropical forests beyond the Scar of the World, and he only meant to bring back paintings. A pair of these lovely dragons followed him home, though, and have been flourishing in parks ever since.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
plant airPlant element and air element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
13.51% Cactus Dragon Air Dragon 148
8.59% Seaweed Dragon Snow Dragon 489
7.28% Meteor Dragon Pollen Dragon 151
7.03% Love Dragon Rose Dragon 313
9.09% Plant Dragon Chrome Dragon 88
8.64% Metal Dragon Pollen Dragon 81
6.25% Air Dragon Plant Dragon 64
42.86% Orchid Dragon Orchid Dragon 7
22.58% Air Dragon Poison Dragon 31
12.00% Willow Dragon Air Dragon 25
11.11% Dodo Dragon Plant Dragon 36
8.70% Liberty Dragon Rose Dragon 23
8.33% Ash Dragon Blazing Dragon 24
18.18% Daydream Dragon Gold Olympus Dragon 11
6.90% Flower Dragon Sonic Dragon 29

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