Rainbow Dragon

on Oct. 1st, 2011
Market cost
2,500 Gem
48 hours
38 hours, 24 minutes
Level 11
Sells for
2,500,000 DragonCash
Normal words cannot begin to describe the resplendence of these, rarest of all dragons. The first person to ever witness one stared for hours before running home to send a poet to describe the beast. When the poet arrived, the dragon had left without a trace, leading many to believe that the explorer made up the whole story. Only years later do we now realize that he wasn't crazy at all!

Breeding hints

Try breeding this dragon by combining 4 different elements

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
78.85% Rainbow Dragon Rainbow Dragon 279
40.72% Leap Year Dragon Rainbow Dragon 334
37.27% Celtic Dragon Leap Year Dragon 110
33.33% Rainbow Dragon Double Rainbow Dragon 129
26.83% Scorch Dragon Seaweed Dragon 410
21.80% Ash Dragon Blazing Dragon 133
17.07% Firefly Dragon Moss Dragon 123
17.04% Blazing Dragon Hail Dragon 358
67.01% Celtic Dragon Rainbow Dragon 97
16.09% Lichen Dragon Firefly Dragon 1131
14.26% Seaweed Dragon Lava Dragon 575
14.00% Willow Dragon Lava Dragon 150
14.00% Blazing Dragon Swamp Dragon 400
13.07% Ice Dragon Scorch Dragon 574
12.14% Cold Dragon Tree Dragon 140

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Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
160 DragonCash
296 DragonCash
3133 DragonCash
4171 DragonCash
5206 DragonCash
6240 DragonCash
7285 DragonCash
8316 DragonCash
9352 DragonCash
10400 DragonCash

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