Spectre Dragon

on Oct. 15th, 2015
Market cost
3 hours
2 hours, 24 minutes
Level 11
Sells for
50,000 DragonCash
Once upon a dark night foggy, Nogard awoke, worn and groggy, And looked about at scrolls and tomes of ancient dragon lore. Wile he drifted, nearly sleeping, came a sound, the sound of creaking, A sound as if some thing were sneaking, sneaking near his tower door. "Tis some visitor", he mumbled, "creeping in the foggy moor- Only this, and nothing more." Gath'ring his courage (and his beard) Nogard stood to see what neared, And looked out his tower window at the distant foggy moor. Then a form came from the dark, ghostly pallored, eerily stark, A shade which made Nogard remark, "hat dread awaits me, in my park?" He grabbed his cloak and staff and said, "There's only one way to be sure." And then he walked upon the moor. From the dark there came a grumble, a soft and low kind of rumble, Nogard almost took a stumble, out in the foggy moor. Nogard peered into the black, and what he saw took him aback, A hungry spectre dragon pack, to which he sighed and threw a snack. Nogard called out to the dragons as he walked back to the door, "That's all you get, and nothing more!"

Breeding stats

Earning rates


Level DragonCash per minute
18 DragonCash
213 DragonCash
318 DragonCash
422 DragonCash
527 DragonCash
632 DragonCash
737 DragonCash
842 DragonCash
946 DragonCash
1051 DragonCash
1156 DragonCash
1261 DragonCash
1366 DragonCash
1470 DragonCash
1575 DragonCash
1680 DragonCash
1785 DragonCash
1890 DragonCash
1994 DragonCash
2099 DragonCash

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