Sulfur Dragon

on May. 13th, 2014
Market cost
900 Gem
8 hours
6 hours, 24 minutes
Level 18
Sells for
1,250,000 DragonCash
The sulfur dragon is often found near volcanoes and the hottest geysers. Their bright coloring makes them hard to miss, but it's their strong smell that your park visitors are most likely to remember. Friendly as they are, you don't want one of these dragons to lick you -- their slobber can burn holes in your robes.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
fire metalFire element and metal element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
8.63% Fire Dragon Metal Dragon 139
6.18% Chrome Dragon Scorch Dragon 421
23.81% Fire Dragon Acid Dragon 21
16.67% Copper Dragon Frostfire Dragon 42
11.43% Dungeon Dragon Palladium Dragon 35
9.09% Glass Dragon Sulfur Dragon 22
8.70% Liberty Dragon Rose Dragon 23
8.70% Brass Dragon Forge Dragon 23
8.33% Metal Dragon Flower Dragon 24
8.00% Lodestone Dragon Leathery Dragon 25
7.89% Coal Dragon Thorn Dragon 38
6.67% Sprout Dragon Sprout Dragon 30
7.69% Fire Dragon Forge Dragon 13
6.25% Celtic Dragon Leap Year Dragon 16
6.25% Prism Dragon Leap Year Dragon 16

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