Wisp Dragon

on May. 13th, 2014
Market cost
1,200 Gem
3 hours
2 hours, 24 minutes
Level 25
Sells for
5,000,000 DragonCash
Even the bravest adventurers are wary of tracking the wisp dragon in its native bogs and fens. These small dragons like to sleep curled up on the luminous balls on their tails. From a distance, wizards and witches hunting swamp gas for their potions often follow the drifting dragons by mistake, finding themselves safe and dry in the woods aftera long night's walk.

Breeding hints

To breed this dragon you must use:
lightning darkLightning element and dark element

Breeding stats

How to make this dragon

Rank Success Rate Dragon Dragon Attempts Actions
43.44% Wisp Dragon Wisp Dragon 122
7.20% Lightning Dragon Dark Dragon 125
10.99% Dark Dragon Firefly Dragon 91
6.98% Ooze Dragon Gamma Dragon 86
5.17% Bizurian Dragon Sorarian Dragon 58
20.69% Wraith Dragon Mirage Dragon 29
19.23% Gamma Dragon Cave Dragon 26
17.65% Double Rainbow Dragon Prism Dragon 34
27.27% Lotus Dragon Spark Dragon 11
25.00% Dark Dragon Magnetic Dragon 12
23.08% Wraith Dragon Nectar Dragon 13
8.89% Light Rift Dragon Plasma Dragon 45
13.33% Light Dragon Wraith Dragon 15
11.76% Sun Dragon Crypt Dragon 17
9.09% Wisp Dragon Water Dragon 11

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