Friend Finder

Finding friends in DragonVale has never been easier. Now with a few taps you can safely share your Game Center ID with as few or as many like-minded people you want. Don't take my word for it though, login to your free account and get started, it's really easy.

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How it works

Simply add your Game Center ID to your free account and tell the site how many people you want to share it with. The site takes care of the rest. It will pair you with a person or people who are looking for the same thing in their new DragonVale friendship. Once a pair has been established the site will e-mail both people with their new friend's Game Center ID.

Why it's awesome

This will only match up people looking for the same things. That means you're not just publishing your Game Center ID to the world. It also means you will find someone who is interested in the same thing. It's a win win for everyone.