on Nov. 17th, 2013


This is just a quick guide to show you each dragon's earning rates at each level.

Earning rates

Dragon level:
Dragon Gold at 20
Double Rainbow Dragon *500 DragonCash
Aurora Dragon *480 DragonCash
Rainbow Dragon *400 DragonCash
Leap Year Dragon *400 DragonCash
Dream Dragon *384 DragonCash
Midnight Dragon376 DragonCash
Panlong Dragon375 DragonCash
Prism Dragon *366 DragonCash
Dusk Dragon *334 DragonCash
Daydream Dragon *334 DragonCash
Celtic Dragon *333 DragonCash
Seasonal Dragon *316 DragonCash
Apocalypse Dragon *316 DragonCash
Lunar Eclipse Dragon *316 DragonCash
Solstice Dragon *316 DragonCash
Blue Moon Dragon *316 DragonCash
Solar Eclipse Dragon *316 DragonCash
Paper Dragon300 DragonCash
Nightmare Dragon *295 DragonCash
Moonstruck Dragon *295 DragonCash
Sunstruck Dragon *295 DragonCash
Ragnarok Dragon *295 DragonCash
Seed Dragon *274 DragonCash
Sprout Dragon *274 DragonCash
Zombie Dragon *274 DragonCash
Ouroboros Dragon *261 DragonCash
Sun Dragon *261 DragonCash
Moon Dragon *261 DragonCash
Leaf Dragon *256 DragonCash
Berry Dragon *256 DragonCash
Dawn Dragon *256 DragonCash
Blue Fire Dragon250 DragonCash
Current Dragon250 DragonCash
Frostfire Dragon250 DragonCash
Plasma Dragon250 DragonCash
Garland Dragon232 DragonCash
Faire Dragon232 DragonCash
Platinum Dragon *231 DragonCash
Equinox Dragon *222 DragonCash
Cotton Dragon222 DragonCash
Leathery Dragon219 DragonCash
Victory Dragon *219 DragonCash
Spring Dragon *214 DragonCash
Summer Dragon *214 DragonCash
Autumn Dragon *214 DragonCash
Plant Dragon214 DragonCash
Darkling Dragon213 DragonCash
Winter Dragon *213 DragonCash
Gold Dragon *194 DragonCash
Gold Olympus Dragon *194 DragonCash
Butterfly Dragon188 DragonCash
Terradiem Dragon188 DragonCash
Reindeer Dragon187 DragonCash
Light Rift Dragon186 DragonCash
Dark Rift Dragon186 DragonCash
Rose Dragon176 DragonCash
Electrum Dragon *171 DragonCash
Ash Dragon167 DragonCash
Cactus Dragon167 DragonCash
Silver Dragon *154 DragonCash
Bloom Dragon150 DragonCash
Love Dragon150 DragonCash
Bouquet Dragon150 DragonCash
Gift Dragon150 DragonCash
Hail Dragon150 DragonCash
Mistletoe Dragon149 DragonCash
Bicentennial Dragon149 DragonCash
Kite Dragon149 DragonCash
Tidal Dragon149 DragonCash
Cyclops Dragon *143 DragonCash
Bronze Dragon *143 DragonCash
Hydra Dragon *140 DragonCash
Silver Olympus Dragon *130 DragonCash
Liberty Dragon125 DragonCash
Clover Dragon125 DragonCash
Century Dragon125 DragonCash
Pepper Dragon124 DragonCash
Scorch Dragon115 DragonCash
Quake Dragon115 DragonCash
Swamp Dragon115 DragonCash
Storm Dragon115 DragonCash
Lightning Dragon115 DragonCash
Flower Dragon115 DragonCash
Coal Dragon114 DragonCash
Bearded Dragon113 DragonCash
Ortreat Dragon112 DragonCash
Thunder Dragon111 DragonCash
Halo Dragon110 DragonCash
Water Dragon107 DragonCash
Malachite Dragon107 DragonCash
Ironwood Dragon107 DragonCash
Poison Dragon107 DragonCash
Firefly Dragon107 DragonCash
Trick Dragon106 DragonCash
Hypnotic Dragon106 DragonCash
Salamander Dragon103 DragonCash
Gamma Dragon101 DragonCash
Dodo Dragon100 DragonCash
Iceberg Dragon100 DragonCash
Rain Dragon100 DragonCash
Fog Dragon100 DragonCash
Spectre Dragon99 DragonCash
Nosferatu Dragon99 DragonCash
Gourd Dragon99 DragonCash
Thorn Dragon99 DragonCash
Bronze Olympus Dragon *97 DragonCash
Coral Dragon95 DragonCash
Sonic Dragon94 DragonCash
Willow Dragon94 DragonCash
Crystal Dragon94 DragonCash
Sakura Dragon94 DragonCash
Pollen Dragon94 DragonCash
Fire Dragon94 DragonCash
Luminous Dragon94 DragonCash
Arbor Dragon93 DragonCash
Geode Dragon93 DragonCash
River Dragon91 DragonCash
Watch Dragon91 DragonCash
Heat Dragon89 DragonCash
Dungeon Dragon89 DragonCash
Evergreen Dragon88 DragonCash
Frostbite Dragon88 DragonCash
Shimmer Dragon88 DragonCash
Blizzard Dragon87 DragonCash
Blazing Dragon86 DragonCash
Radiant Dragon85 DragonCash
Shadow Dragon83 DragonCash
Smoke Dragon83 DragonCash
Glare Dragon83 DragonCash
Lodestone Dragon83 DragonCash
Forest Dragon83 DragonCash
Forge Dragon83 DragonCash
Lichen Dragon83 DragonCash
Light Dragon83 DragonCash
Meteor Dragon83 DragonCash
Nightshade Dragon83 DragonCash
Bone Dragon83 DragonCash
Copper Dragon83 DragonCash
Crypt Dragon81 DragonCash
Meadow Dragon81 DragonCash
Motley Dragon80 DragonCash
Firework Dragon79 DragonCash
Air Dragon79 DragonCash
Ember Dragon79 DragonCash
Mirage Dragon79 DragonCash
Acid Dragon77 DragonCash
Lotus Dragon77 DragonCash
Phantom Dragon76 DragonCash
Ghost Dragon75 DragonCash
Fungus Dragon74 DragonCash
Wraith Dragon74 DragonCash
Sand Dragon73 DragonCash
Glass Dragon73 DragonCash
Dark Dragon72 DragonCash
Ice Dragon71 DragonCash
Moss Dragon71 DragonCash
Flash Dragon71 DragonCash
Palladium Dragon70 DragonCash
Quicksilver Dragon68 DragonCash
Mud Dragon68 DragonCash
Tree Dragon68 DragonCash
Obsidian Dragon68 DragonCash
Wind Dragon67 DragonCash
Spark Dragon66 DragonCash
Scoria Dragon65 DragonCash
Sandstorm Dragon63 DragonCash
Snow Dragon63 DragonCash
Lava Dragon63 DragonCash
Seaweed Dragon63 DragonCash
Magnetic Dragon63 DragonCash
Glacier Dragon62 DragonCash
Cave Dragon62 DragonCash
Root Dragon62 DragonCash
Cold Dragon60 DragonCash
Rust Dragon58 DragonCash
Steel Dragon58 DragonCash
Ruin Dragon58 DragonCash
Mountain Dragon54 DragonCash
Chrome Dragon52 DragonCash
Brass Dragon52 DragonCash
Mine Dragon47 DragonCash
Earth Dragon47 DragonCash
Snowflake Dragon *43 DragonCash
Iron Dragon41 DragonCash
Metal Dragon37 DragonCash

Dragons marked with an asterisk (*) can only be leveled to 10. If you choose to see earning rates for a level over 10, you will see the level 10 earning rate for these dragons.