on Jul. 26th, 2012

How it works

This is a repeatable event, which will cost you 50,000 dragon cash each time you compete. Upon placing within the top three you will be able to spin the prize wheel for a special prize (experience, gold, food or even gems).

How to play

When you are racing you first pick a dragon (see table below for optimal dragons). Then you simply tap the screen when your dragons line lines up with the boost lines on the track. It is very similar to the popular music games, the better the timing, the better the boost. The best boost you can get is Perfect, followed by Great, Good and then Okay.

If you're dragon is the first to cross the finish line you win the gold and get to win the gold level prize wheel

What you can win

  • Kairos artifact fragments, if you've summoned the Perch of Kairos
  • Gems
  • Experience
  • Food
  • DragonCash

It has been confirmed that you always win the 6th item moving up from the initially selected prize no matter how you spin the wheel.

Tracks and their optimal dragons

Using one of the optimal dragons on this list puts you at an advantage to most of the racers. Note that you do not need these dragons to win the races, but they make it easier for you to win it. If you do not have any optimal dragons, pick a dragon that has the most race elements in common. Alternatively, if you use an Epic dragon, all of the other racers will be using Epic dragons, which puts you at no disadvantage to the other racers.

Track Name Track Elements Optimal Dragons
Blast Furnace fire metal Brass Dragon, Forge Dragon, Sulfur Dragon
Cherry Road plant earth fire Carnival Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Garland Dragon, Gourd Dragon, Ortreat Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Trick Dragon
Dramoria cold metal Bearded Dragon, Faire Dragon, Mine Dragon, Steel Dragon
Electric Skies lightning air Bicentennial Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Kite Dragon, Liberty Dragon, Sonic Dragon, Thunder Dragon
Marshlands plant water Bouquet Dragon, Seaweed Dragon, Swamp Dragon
Rime or Reason cold air Blizzard Dragon, Snow Dragon
Shimmering Faultline earth lightning Cotton Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Garland Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Quake Dragon, Tidal Dragon
Ulster Meadows plant earth Arbor Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Clover Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Forest Dragon, Garland Dragon, Gourd Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Moss Dragon, Ortreat Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Tree Dragon, Trick Dragon
Year of the Dragon earth air water fire Panlong Dragon