on May. 27th, 2014


This spreadsheet was created with objective of helping me quickly decide which were the best gold generating dragons in each habitat, and as such, which one to keep and delete based on their gpm.

It is mostly aimed at medium and hardcore players, since you will have lots of habitats and dragons to choose from... but there's nothing wrong for beginners to plan early

The Worksheets

The file contains 5 worksheets, below is a quick explanation of what each does:


Dashboard Screenshot

Once you have the ISLAND worksheet filled out, this tab provides a summary of what each island and habitats generates in terms or gold, the current capacity of your habitats and how long it will take to fill it up to the brim. The only parameter you can change is the "collection time" at the top; choose the time interval of your collection frequency using the dropdown menu, and it will give you the total amount of gold you can earn.


Island Screenshot

This is your main file. Here you will select the size of your habitat (column B), the type (column C), and the dragons that you have put in there. Based on the type of habitat, the dragon dropdown list is updated and listing only the dragons that can live in that habitat.

On each island, you can also choose up to 5 boosters and 10 habitats. If the booster has a positive impact on the dragon's gpm, the cells in columns I / P / W / AD / AK will turn green and show the bonus. If it is negative, it will turn red.

Then select the current level of you dragon, and it will automatically calculate its gpm, including the bonus / malus, in columns J / Q / W / AE / AL.

The aim here is to quickly identify if your dragons are reaching their maximum potential gpm by moving them around so that all the cells are green and not red.


Graph Screenshot

This is a simple chart showing when each island will slow down its gold generation. When the curve slows down its increase rate (or stale), it means that one or more habitats are full and so that you need to collect before it can generate gold again.


Master Screenshot

This is the master file. You will need to keep this updated using information found here or on the wikia when new dragons are released. This file is your responsibility to keep updated to make the most of the spreadsheet. Fill out ALL the columns, with the exception of the column "CombHab" which is calculated. If a dragon is limited to level 10 (like the rainbow), leave column 11 and so on blanks.


Ranking Screenshot

The last tab is a top 15 of dragons that generated the most gpm at level 10 for each habitat. This is particularly useful in determining which dragon you should keep and which you should sell when breeding a new one.

If the cell next to the gpm is red, it means that dragon is limited and so may not be available to breed / buy. Green means it is not limited.

A few facts...

The spreadsheet use a wide array of MS Excel functions, several tabs (5 visible, the rest are hidden), 36 pivot tables and over 6300+ formulas! To keep the file low and fast, there are no pictures -- if you want to see what an egg or dragon look like, check the dragon listing. Also, to ensure optimal compatibility with various versions of Excel and lookalike (tested on MS Excel 2010), it does contains ZERO macros!

Knowns limitations:

  • When selecting the size of an habitat on ISLAND, nothing is preventing you from adding more dragon than allowed.
  • You're limited to 10 habitats per island. I have found that more is difficult to place when habitats are large or giant, and still keep it "pretty".
  • 5 boosters max per island. But then, why would you want to put all of them on one lol!
  • Though gemstone dragon are listed in MASTER, they are not taken into account ... yet.
  • Excel won't update automatically the pivot tables where most of the calculations are made. So after any changes to MASTER, either save then close and re-open the file, or go to data >> refresh all to update the pivots with your new information.


  • 1.5
    • Fix the issue with some new dragons not appearing in ISLAND and RANKING. Rewrote the wholes formulas and removed some pivot tables
    • The worksheet MASTER is now completely unprotected to allow sorting. Do not change the names of each column, and ensure everything is visible (do not use filter) or the other worksheets may not work.
  • 1.4
    • Booster cells were "locked" when trying to change booster type on ISLAND => fixed!
    • A couple of fixes in the backend as well.
  • 1.3
    • BUG: quick navigation with island image in ISLAND broken => fix!
    • Change timescale in GOLD vs TIME from 48 to 24h
    • Add Lost Island
    • Add Island vs Gold over time graph on DASHBOARD
    • Change island image in ISLAND to include Lost Island
  • 1.2
    • Bug fix: dropdown list in Master - habitats (Gemstone habitat could not be selected) => fix!
    • Added Dream dragon and Dream habitat
    • Added a color code on cell border and text in ISLAND for dragons at level 10 (silver) and level 15+ (gold)

To Do...when I'll have time:

  • Add a toggle button on ranking to show / hide limited dragons.
  • Color code the dragon if there is more dragon in an habitat that it can take.

I have been playing with this for a few months now, I can't guarantee it is bug free or that will be fixing issues straight away, but I hope you will find this useful. Happy breeding DragonValers!