on Oct. 18th, 2012


The legendary dragon Kairos is the first legendary dragon added to DragonVale. He has a different mechanic than all of your other dragons. He doesn't earn you DragonCash or gems, but instead he can warp time forward. Once every four days you can activate his ability, which will speed up most activities in your park by 6 hours.

How to get the dragon

This legendary dragon cannot be bred. He can only be summoned to your park if you collect all 21 artifact fragments needed to complete his perch.

  1. Make sure you upgrade DragonVale from the App Store.
  2. Purchase the "Perch of Kairos" from the habitats area of the game market for 750,000 DragonCash.
  3. Collect all 21 artifact fragments
    • You can collect the artifact fragments by spinning the wheel after winning a Dragon Track race or by purchasing them with Gems. Artifact fragments will cost 75 gems, 150 gems or 300 gems per fragment, depending on which one you buy with gems.
    • If you need more information on how to win the Dragon Track, check out my Dragon Track guide.
    • The artifact fragments are divided into 3 stages, with each stage allowing you access to 7 artifact fragments. Once you've unlocked a stage you can move onto the next stage.
    • To buy all the artifact fragments with gems would cost you 2,700 gems. If you buy all the artifacts from one stage, it will cost you 900 gems.