on Dec. 17th, 2012

How it works

You can send your dragons away to quest for just 50,000 DragonCash. While sent away on the quest your dragon can bring back an artifact, experience, food or dragon cash. Please note you can only do the quests if you haven't completed constructing your perch yet.

How to play

Select your Perch of Kairos and tap the Start Quest button. Use the table below to select the appropriate dragon for the quest.

What you can win

  • Kairos artifact fragments
    • If your dragon will return from it's quest in more than 2 hours, you are coming back with an artifact fragment
  • Experience, food or DragonCash
    • If your dragon will return from it's quest in exactly 2 hours, you are coming back with one of these rewards

Quests and their optimal dragons These dragons will increase your chance at getting artifacts

Quest Name Quest Elements Optimal Dragons
Berrywhite Mountains fire lightning Bicentennial Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Firefly Dragon, Garland Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Love Dragon, Scorch Dragon
Blitzenwood plant lightning Ash Dragon, Bloom Dragon, Cactus Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Faire Dragon, Garland Dragon, Love Dragon
Blizzard's Breath cold air Blizzard Dragon, Snow Dragon
Boneyard Caldera earth fire Bone Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Coal Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Garland Dragon, Gourd Dragon, Lava Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Nosferatu Dragon, Obsidian Dragon, Panlong Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon
Burning Winds fire air Bicentennial Dragon, Blazing Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Firework Dragon, Panlong Dragon, Rose Dragon, Smoke Dragon
Cadberry Fields lightning air Bicentennial Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Kite Dragon, Liberty Dragon, Sonic Dragon, Thunder Dragon
The Dragonwallow earth water Century Dragon, Geode Dragon, Mud Dragon, Panlong Dragon, River Dragon, Terradiem Dragon, Tidal Dragon
Drizzlemist Heights water air Fog Dragon, Panlong Dragon, Rain Dragon, Terradiem Dragon
Frozen Pond cold water Century Dragon, Ice Dragon, Iceberg Dragon
Greenwood Forest plant earth Arbor Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Clover Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Forest Dragon, Garland Dragon, Gourd Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Moss Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Tree Dragon
Hemlock Gardens plant fire Bouquet Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Flower Dragon, Garland Dragon, Gift Dragon, Gourd Dragon, Love Dragon, Motley Dragon, Paper Dragon, Pepper Dragon, Poison Dragon, Rose Dragon, Sakura Dragon
The Iron Crag earth metal Bearded Dragon, Iron Dragon, Scoria Dragon
Lodestone Peak lightning metal Copper Dragon, Faire Dragon, Kite Dragon, Liberty Dragon, Lodestone Dragon, Magnetic Dragon
Mermaid's Garden plant water Bouquet Dragon, Seaweed Dragon, Swamp Dragon
Mount Dumme fire metal Brass Dragon, Forge Dragon, Sulfur Dragon
Mount Spectre earth cold Arctic Dragon, Bearded Dragon, Century Dragon, Ghost Dragon, Glacier Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Mountain Dragon, Nosferatu Dragon, Paper Dragon
Northern Exposure plant cold Bloom Dragon, Evergreen Dragon, Faire Dragon, Gift Dragon, Lichen Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Paper Dragon, Reindeer Dragon
Prismatic Rift earth lightning Cotton Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Garland Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Quake Dragon, Tidal Dragon
Ruins of Alsvitheim cold metal Bearded Dragon, Faire Dragon, Mine Dragon, Steel Dragon
Stormy Way cold lightning Bloom Dragon, Faire Dragon, Hail Dragon, Leathery Dragon, Storm Dragon
The Weeping Wood plant air Orchid Dragon, Pollen Dragon, Rose Dragon, Willow Dragon