on Oct. 30th, 2013

The Rift Island event is over now. This guide is no longer useful for active play, but will keep it around for historical reference, or incase Backflip ever brings back the event.

About this guide

This guide is about Magic, the Rift Island, the Tines of the Scar, the Rift Egg Edifice, the Light Vestige and the Dark Remnant. This guide is also a work in progress because there is still a lot of unknown about what it all means. If you ever find out some information that you think would be useful for this guide, please contact me and let me know.


Magic is something you can gather from doing things around your island, or you can purchase it from the in-game store. The magic is required to advance the Tines of the Scar and you can hold up to 3,000 Magic at any given time.

What it's used for

You can cast your Magic as Light or Dark. Casting Magic as Light will build up your Light of Vestige and casting Magic as Dark will build up your Dark Remnant. These two structures will eventually act as habitats for Light and Dark dragons when the emerge, but that is currently unknown.

How to get more Magic

There are two main ways to get Magic in DragonVale. First, you can interact with things in your park, and second, you can buy it in the store.

Park interactions

Simply playing the game will start netting you more Magic. You'll notice a blue wave emitting outward from what you're doing when you get Magic. Each action below is worth a certain amount of Magic, but as you keep doing that, the amount of Magic is halved most of the time, until it gets to 1 Magic per interaction. Once the Tines of the Scar resets you can get the full amount of Magic from that interaction again. By tapping the info button on the Tines of the Scar you can see when Magic will reset, which happens to be when everything else on your island resets (like giving Gems).

Park interactions that get you Magic
  • Gathering DragonCash or Gems from habitats that have the collection flag (60 Magic, then halved)
  • Gathering food (60 Magic, then halved)
  • Completing the Colosseum (200 Magic)
  • Giving friends Gems (60 Magic, not halved)
  • Winning the Dragon Track (50 Magic, then halved)
  • Breeding dragons (20 Magic, not halved)
  • Selling or placing dragons (70 Magic, sometimes halved, but depends on time?)
  • Feeding your dragons (not halved)
  • Tapping the third party hat on a friends island (35, then reduced by 25%)
  • Buying decorations (1 Magic)

Buying Magic in the Store

It would cost you $199.60 to upgrade one habitat from 0 to fully upgraded if buying from the in-game store. Also note, each day you can trade in 5 gems for 30 Magic casted as Light and 5 gems for 30 Magic casted as Dark. This is in addition to whatever Magic you've collected.

The Rift Island

The Rift Island is where all of the new buildings go. This island is similar to the Gemstone island, in that, you can't place anything on it, but you can upgrade the two habitats on it.

Tines of the Scar

The most important thing about this building is that it gives us some useful information. First, it tells us when our Magic resets, so we know when we can start earning the full amount of Magic again, but also, it shows us how all the players are doing as a whole. Around the outer edge of the Tines of the Scar is a Light and Dark indicator, at the time of writing the guide, Light is ahead of Dark. I assume that when the Tine of the Scar fills up that sides dragons will be released, although this is unconfirmed. Also at the time of writing this article, both sides are more than half way full.

Rift Egg Edifice

At this moment, this building serves no purpose.

Light Vestige and Dark Remnant (habitats)

These are the habitats for the Light and Dark dragons, whenever they come about. Each of these habitats can be upgraded 5 times. Here is some information about each one:

Description Cost Rift egg number
Starting 0 Magic 0
+1 Egg 3,199 Magic 1
Large Reward + 1 Egg 5,000 Magic 1
Large Reward + 2 Eggs 7,000 Magic 2
Giant Reward + 2 Eggs 9,999 Magic 2
Giant Reward + 3 Eggs 14,000 Magic 3

It will cost a grand total of 39,998 Magic to fully upgrade one of these habitats to it's max. I think you can fully upgrade both habitats.