Pending results page updated

  • Changed the pending results finalization page so that all dragons are shown as a potential result. This whole incubation time was confusing for people and so that option is still present, but only controls when the site notifies you that the breeding is ready to finalize.
  • The "Recent" link in the menu and footer now go straight to your breeding results instead of everyone's breeding results.

Hey you're not me

  • Some people were getting logged in as me by accident. Luckily I was the only person this happened to, so everyone else, your accounts were not compromised at all. This issue has been fixed.
  • All input is now trimmed when you create an account. Some people were creating accounts with spaces on the ends.
  • You now need to verify your e-mail address on user account creation.
  • Your email address is shown on the successful account creation page.

Stay awhile and listen

  • Added a "log me in for one month" option when logging in. Yay!!! Sorry it has taken me so long to do this.

Fakies, get out of here

  • Took out all fake breeding results from the database, which was only a total of 80 fake results.

Database cleanup and more

  • Updated old breeding results that did not have a user associated with them to have a user associated with them if a user account was associated with the same IP address as the old breeding results. This merges old breeding data with people's new user accounts. If you feel like you are still missing results, please contact me.
  • Made a contact form on this site, so that people don't have to go over to my other site to send me a message
  • Some people were having issues with caching CSS and JS files. I've implemented something that will break that caching when those files are updated.
  • Updated the home page to be more informative
  • Added more strict rules on adding new breeding results.
  • Added ads to help cover the costs of running this site, but not in a way that would detract from the usefulness of the site
  • Made a proper 404 page
  • Minor bug fixes

Fixed pending results bug

  • Fixed a bug that was not clearing out Pending results when people deleted a Pending result. Also cleaned up all invalid notifications due to this bug.


  • Slightly adjusted the ordering on breeding charts
  • Added social sharing buttons
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

User accounts!!!!

  • There are now user accounts
    • More accurately track your breeding results
    • Add pending results: You can now enter a breeding result before it is finished, that way you don't forget the combination you used. You will be able to log back in later and provide the actual result
    • There are site settings so you can customize certain aspects of the website
      • Level Merging: When this is turned on the level of the dragon will not be taken into account when calculating statistics. Read more about level merging
      • Default Level: When using the add result page and the calculator page it will default to the level chosen in your settings.
      • The ability to turn off site tooltips.
    • A notification system that shows you when there are pending results and important messages
    • Post 15 breeding results per 2-minute period, for those of you who like to batch your breeding results
    • I want to expand user accounts in the future, so if you have ideas please let me know if you have anything you would like to see
  • Fixed the ordering of breeding results when looking at a dragon, so that the most relevant ones are at the top of the screen.
  • More strict rules on adding new breeding results. I am trying to stop people from adding impossible results. This is going to be a work in progress sort of thing, but it will get better over time.
  • There is now a dragon quick search input on the menu bar. This may be expanded to search other content in the future.
  • Added the Love Dragon
  • I've fixed some incorrect breeding results that people have reported. Like people who report breeding two Air Dragons makes a Moon Dragon
  • Bug fix, dragons can now have more than 2 elemental types.
  • Everyone's breeding results are now paginated, so you can see more than just the 20 most recent breedings.
  • Some links to the add page and the calculator page were not passing the first dragon level correctly. Those links have been fixed.
  • Sometimes tooltips did not load correctly. Now they should load correctly all the time.
  • Moved some pages around and setup 301 redirects.

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