on May. 15th, 2012

  • Side Merging!!!
    When this is turned on, the side (left or right) the dragon was bred on will not be taken into account when calculating statistics. This makes the breeding pairs Air and Fire the same thing as Fire and Air.
  • Dates for when a dragon are added and taken away from DragonVale are now reflected in the breeding results. Breeding results for an expired dragon can not be skewed by adding more results after they were no longer available.
  • The dragon eggs page has gotten a major overhaul. More information, and a better way to filter/sort through the information.
  • Added the same sorter and filter for the dragon list page as well.
  • Upgraded the server, which will make load times faster, and should keep the server up all the time.
  • The calculator page now allows you to toggle between pulling from all breeding results, or just your own breeding results.
  • Added polls to the website so that I can easily get more information on what to do to make this website better.
  • Whenever you add a result, there is an export to calculator button, which is especially useful when adding pending results
  • Helpful hints have been scattered around the site to try and make the processes of using the site easier to understand.
  • Reduced the guest add result limit. If you use a free account, this update doesn't change anything for you.
  • Fixed a bug where some browsers were not allowing people to see the delete buttons on their deletable breeding results.
  • New users can easily resend their new account e-mail if they did not receive one initially.
  • Several little improvements have been implemented throughout the site in an effort to try and remove some of the annoying things that the site did, or made you do.
  • Added a security challenge to the contact form, only if you are not logged into a free account.
  • Several behind-the-scenes upgrades to help the site run even faster.