on Jun. 5th, 2013

I wanted to take a quick moment to point out some of the changes that just went live on the website.

  • Rank columns now show up on the breeding results, on each dragon page. This will help you figure out which breeding options are the best to try. Hover over a rank to see what each rank means.
  • Breeding results on each dragon page are now all sortable however you like. Just click on the column header to change the sorting.
  • I added menu account that are specific to you, to the user drop down menu. Now you can see your breeding results, colosseum results and your dragons all in the same menu.
  • Updated the Kairos Quest guide
  • Selector dots on the home page slider
  • Fixed some UI issues people were having on their smart phones
  • Lots of bug fixes

A lot more updates are on their way!